The MatchingFund

The Goal is Matching Day, Every Day for Charities and Causes



If a $100,000 gift can bring $2,500,000 in matching donations in a 1 day Matching Day for local charities, think about how much could be raised for Charities everywhere with a Matching Day, Every Day! Online, Safe and Secure. Like Crowd Funding for Charities, but with a Match!

We all want to give more to Charities and Causes. What if you could increase your donations to Charities just by using a site that will match all donations; and you can easily set up fundraisers and blast out through social media? The MatchingFund has the power of leveraging donations to get more critical funding to as many causes as possible. Matching Day, Every Day.

Every non-profit has a mission. Ours is to create a pool of money that anyone can use to match a donation to a Charity or Cause. Simple, yet powerful.

The MatchingFund is a group effort dedicated to raising extra money for charities. The idea is that large gift donations create a chest or pool for other smaller donations to use to match thereby increasing the overall donation.

Become a Gifting Sponsor of the MatchingFund. This will bring smaller direct donations to our Charity Partners. Have your Charity listed too! Or start your own Matching Campaign with a gift, for as many Charities as you want.


The MatchingFund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

You can help build the MatchingFund pool with your deductible donation, or you can donate to one of our Charity Partners and use the MatchingFund pool to increase your donation once we reach our preset minimum. It’s that simple and powerful.
The MatchingFund is a new site and organization where individuals or corporations can make donations and have them leveraged. Using the matching incentive can get others to increase the donation.
The fact that we are a 501(c)(3) organization allows the initial contribution to be deducted. Then the contribution becomes an incentive for others to give as well and will foster more charitable giving.


The MatchingFund

This video explains who The MatchingFund is and what we do.

Charity Partners Video

The MatchingFund is proud to be partnered with great Charities -This video is a brief overview of how we work with our partners.

Charity Partners Donation Types

Matching Donations to Worthy Causes – This video explains the two types of donations that can be made to Partnered Charities.

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The initial contribution will be able to be restricted to certain causes or charities if you wish, or be put into a general fund that will go to our Charity Partners page or via, the social Fundraising network.

We are looking for more Charities to give to. If you would like for your cause or charity listed, please sign into as a member (it’s free) and create a Fundraising campaign for your cause. We will be notified and will approve the campaign or contact you for additional information. If you have a question or comment, please Contact Us. We will do our very best to address it promptly.

Enjoy, and Thank You!


If you have a question about a particular charity, please visit as well as These sites can help you understand the nature of charitable giving, and how a particular charity stacks up. Most sites are qualified and rated.

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