Children’s Trust of South Carolina Matching Fundraiser

and Crisis Services
The Children’s Trust of South Carolina is based in Columbia, SC to keep kids safe and prevent child abuse. This is a $250 Challenge Match to raise money for this worthy cause. Please help raise more critical funding to help prevent child abuse..
College of Charleston BOUNDLESS/ Patriot’s Point Sports Facility Fund  $10,000 Challenge Match

College of Charleston BOUNDLESS/ Patriot’s Point Sports Facility Fund $10,000 Challenge Match

The MatchingFund has $10,000 as a Challenge Match to start this fundraiser!!! Please make your $50, $200, or more donation and have it matched! This will provide more funding to this campaign by multiplying any donation.
Leukemia and Lymphoma Woman of the Year

Leukemia and Lymphoma Woman of the Year

Medical Research
Each year, in communities across the country, passionate candidates engage in an exciting competition to earn The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) "Man & Woman of the Year" titles by raising funds for LLS blood cancer research. This year we nominate Dr. Michelle Hudspeth
College of Charleston Cougar Club – 2 x $5,000 Matching Fundraisers

College of Charleston Cougar Club – 2 x $5,000 Matching Fundraisers

College Sports
We have a $5,000 Angel Donation to match other donations for the Coach Earl Grant Fund, and another $5,000 match for College of Charleston's Men's Golf Team. Please make a tax deductible donation and have it matched and increase the overall funding.
East Cooper Meals on Wheels – Fundraiser

East Cooper Meals on Wheels – Fundraiser

Community Health
The ECMOW $20,000 Challenge fundraiser has reached the goal with still 5 days left. All donations help continue to provide free meals to our Home Bound Neighbors. Thank You to all the supporters and please continue to donate.

“The MatchingFund is an opportunity to make a tremendous impact on society by helping those who need it most.  Charlestonians have consistently been an incredibly generous community in their contributions to nonprofits both locally and globally. This enriches our society by taking care of others and “giving back”. Creating an incentive to “give back” more and perhaps more often by providing matching donations with the ease of online giving is a very powerful concept.

I am proud that the MatchingFund was conceived and built in Charleston. I look forward to the progress of this most worthy endeavor.”

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

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