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Area of Interest Funds

Area of Interest Funds

Area of Interest Funds provide for funds within the overall direction of the donor’s areas of interest. This type of fund allows donors to support a broad area of concerns. For example, a donor may be interested in having the fund provide support for organizations that benefit children, the arts or the elderly.

Specific charities would not be named, but all donations from the fund would be directed toward programs that address the area of the donor’s interest within the greater community area.

  • You can make an irrevocable contribution of personal assets, including:
    • Cash
    • Publicly traded securities including stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares
    • Privately-held stock
    • Real estate
    • Proceeds from life insurance or from a full-paid policy
    • Tangible personal property

Your donations provide charities with funds as needs arise

Setting up a Area of Interest Fund with The MatchingFund provides us the ability to respond quickly to emerging community needs within your area of interest.

Area of Interest Donation

Donation will be used for your area of interest. There is a minimum of $2,500 donation required for creating an area of interest fund. There is not a fee for setting up the fund. The full amount of your donation will be used to support your area of interest.

We will contact you to directly about your interest. We have found specifying the area of interest in a form often leads to confusion. We will do everything necessary to make sure your funds are used as you desire. We will also provide you with information for contacting us directly about your funds.

Thank You for working with The MatchingFund to support your Philanthropic efforts.