Create a Fundraiser Guide

All set and ready to create a fundraiser, Great!

Step 1.

Gather everything together, coffee, beer, wine, some snacks and anything else that helps you relax.  Seriously, before you start, explore other fundraisers to see what is working or not working.  If you review the pages you can see everything you are going to need to do to create a Fundraiser.  Once comfortable with the format go to step 2.  Bring this page up in a new tab or window and then dive right in and refer back to this guide whenever you want.

Step 2.

Relax, and fill in:

Charity/Cause Information:

  • Charity/Cause Name – Required.
  • Charity/Cause Location – Required.
  • Charity/Cause URL – Required, should be something like
  • Charity/Cause Logo – Optional, image of logo in jpg or png format
  • Charity/Cause Facebook link – Optional, Similar to  Go to the causes Facebook page and just copy the URL from the address bar in the browser and past it in.
  • Charity/Cause Twitter link – Optional, Same as above well not exactly this is Twitter not Facebook.

Campaign Information:


  • Fundraiser Title – Required, Make it attention grabbing if possible but try to keep it short. Do not worry about it too much.  The charity’s or cause’s name will work.  A little later there is going to be a great opportunity to tell all about your cause.
  • Goal Amount – Required, This is where you tell everybody how much you need in donations to achieve the purpose of the fundraiser.
  • Fundraiser category – Required, Pick one that relates, as close as possible, to what your cause does.
  • Start Date – Required when do you want the fundraiser to start.  Put that here.
  • End Date – Required, It is best to have an end date that is a reasonable time period for the amount of money you are trying to raise.  The more appealing your description of the cause is the more you will raise. We will get to that in Project Details. Fundraisers that have a time period of a 30 to 45 days do better than ones that go on forever.

Campaign End Options:

Check Leave Open – Just because you have reached your end date does not mean you should stop accepting donations. We would love to see you exceed you goal by 300 to 400 percent. Of course you might want to close the campaign so the cause or charity can collect on those donations.

Campaign DETAILS:

Relax you are doing great and you have just arrived at the point where you can tell the world about what you are doing and why.

  • Campaign Short Description – Required, This is the part that displays in the boxes on the Home and Fundraisers pages. Do what the title says, it should be at most one to two sentences that get attention but leaves the visitor wanting more.  That’s why we put a More button after it.  By the way the More button appears automagically in the box so don’t worry about how to add it.
  • Campaign Video – Optional, Do you have a video that tells the story of your cause and why people should get involved, Great! Add it here. You can use the embed code or just the URL on a line by itself. You can get the embed code and URL from the service where your video is, YouTube, Vimeo and others. 
  • Campaign Long Description – Required, Do not relax! This is it, the reason you are creating a fundraiser. Let your passion and enthusiasm flow onto the page. 

Make the Long Description compelling and interesting. The bad news the good news and why the person reading it can make a difference i.e. involve them as much as possible. The tricky part, some people assume that the reason someone is on the page is to donate, they knew that before they got here.  If so they should have clicked the Support button in the box (which also automagically appears).

Assume they read the Short Description and really want to learn more about the cause. You would prefer that they Donate Now.  If they were on a website for the charity or cause they would explore the site then decide to donate. All that is needed is the donate form, no need for anything else. The situation is different for this page. You need to tell the story and motivate them to take action now while they are on the page.

Tell the story in a concise way that makes your key points and compels the reader to take action now. You do not want them to go somewhere else to find out more, they will not come back. So do not be shy tell them what you want and why you need it. Just to make it a little more interesting people tend to start losing interest in about 500 words.  So all you have to do in 500 words or less is capture their attention and motivate them. All done? Relax.

Campaign FAQ: Optional

Have some Frequently Asked Questions about your cause?  Put them here.  They will show up in a tab on the page.

Campaign Images: Optional

  • Featured Image – It is a good idea to have one. It displays at the top of the boxes on the Home and Fundraisers pages and serves as a link to your page.  It also displays at the top of your page.  So find an image that expresses the hope and or need.
  • Campaign Images 2, 3 and 4 – These display at the bottom of the page and should be used to appeal to the hope and emotions of the reader.

Campaign Levels:

  • Number of Levels – At least one level is required.
  • Level  1 through … – This is where you give someone donation options. For example Level 1: 10, Level 2: 25, Level 3: 50 and of course the Other Level: 0 to whatever they want to donate.  A number is required no dollar sign, can be zero.
  • Level Title – Required, Make it something that stands out. Level number works but if you can try to make it something that makes them want to go to the next level. In sports they use Fan and Pro a lot.
  • Level Price – Required, a dollar amount (do not put in a dollar sign you will get an error).  It can be zero. A number is required 10 works the same as 10.00.
  • Level Limit – Optional, Leave blank if you do not want to limit the donation.  When a donor clicks on it they can change the amount in the next step.
  • Level Description – Optional but it is a good place to put things like Thank You or You are a Great Person.  It will display in the checkout process.
  • Level Long Description – Optional, You can put a lot of words here and even Media (pictures). But it is really best to stick to something along the lines of; We really appreciate your generous donation and know that it will be used for the good of…

Submit Button: Required

But do not click the button yet!  Take a deep breath and Relax.  Go back and review what you have created.  Relish in the glory of it for a moment. Then click the button.

The reviewers will look it over and approve it or ask you for more information if needed.

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