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In 2019 The MatchingFund has helped charities raise $98,695.00 with matching monies of $24,015.00 paid out. Almost four times the amount of the matching funds provided.

The MatchingFund provides funds for a broad range of charitable organizations and causes. We are not restricted to a specific area of concern. Our designation by controlling government entries allows us to work with and provide funds to any organization or group designated as a non-profit by the IRS and other government agencies.

“The MatchingFund is an opportunity to make a tremendous impact on society by helping those who need it most.  Charlestonians have consistently been an incredibly generous community in their contributions to nonprofits both locally and globally. This enriches our society by taking care of others and “giving back”. Creating an incentive to “give back” more and perhaps more often by providing matching donations with the ease of online giving is a very powerful concept.
I am proud that the MatchingFund was conceived and built in Charleston. I look forward to the progress of this most worthy endeavor.”
Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.