1. How does TheMatchingFund work?

The MatchingFund helps multiply and leverage donations to Non-Profits or Causes using the added incentive of matching. With the success of online fundraisers like GoFundMe, CrowdRise, and KickStarter, we feel there is an opportunity to utilize the same online type system to raise substantial critical funds for worthy Non-Profits and Causes, but go one step better and have all donations matched.

Anyone can start a fundraiser for a legitimate Non-Profit or Cause using our platform. The person who starts the fundraiser and provides a match is considered an Angel Donor.  Afterwards, anyone can make a smaller donation of  any amount like $50, $100, $237, or more. Whatever amount will be matched with the Angel Donors donation up to the maximum the Angel Donor has put in!!! Everyone’s donation goes much farther! 

Each Fundraiser has its own accounting page. Through our online processing, we are able to  provide a receipt instantly once a donation is made. TheMatchingFund.org will distribute to the Non-Profit or Cause for all the collected donations once the campaign has ended.

TheMatchingFund.org is a 501(c)3. Charitable donations can be made directly to TheMatchingFund.org as well to build the pool for MatchingFund.org Match Day in May and November. 

2. What are the fees paid to TheMatchingFund.org?

The MatchingFund is FREE! There are NO FEES!. 100% of the Donations will go to the designated Non-Profit or Cause. We thought 2% would be a fair number but decided to make it free. 

3. I really like this site. How can I help?

We would love to have a major unrestricted gift to allow Non-Profits to draw off of and set up matching campaigns. For example, a valid Non-Profit could request a $1,000 grant to set up a matching campaign.  This scenario was the original concept. Being that we are a Non-Profit ourselves, we can do that. We also have the capability to have  Angel Donors set up matching campaigns for specific causes that they are passionate about. That is great too. Thus there are multiple ways to set up campaigns to increase critical funding to worthy Causes and Non-Profits.   

4. Is an Angel Donation required?

An Angel Donation is not required to start a fundraising campaign. However, being that we are called the MatchingFund, it seems logical to start with one. 

5. How can I have my cause listed?

It is quick and easy. Just SIGNUP to set up a fundraiser for your Cause. When you are ready to create a fundraiser read the Create a Fundraiser Guide. If you want your Fundraiser to have a match, then a donation will need to be made at this time. Your request will be submitted to the Board for review. If your fundraiser is approved, we will publish it and promote it.

6. What do you mean “The MatchingFund”? What is the benefit?

An incentive to give by making your dollars go farther. An Angel donor gives as much as they want to set up a fundraiser. The Angel Donors contribution is tax deductible. This creates an incentive for others to give knowing their donation will be matched. Matching campaigns raise between 2- 9 times the initial match. There is no question that using matching funds creates incentives for everyone to give more. 

7. Who maintains the MatchingFund?

The MatchingFund.org is run by the Board which is unpaid. There is no staff. All financial records and processes are performed through the CPA firm of Hammond/Hicks CPAs of Daniel Island, SC. 

8. How long has the website been operational?

The MatchingFund.org received its 501c3 designation in April 2014. We purposefully waited until then to begin our operations.

9. What type of donations have you seen coming through the system? Are you seeing a large amount of smaller donations, or a small amount of big donations?

We have had several $1,000 donors and matching donations. TheMatchingFund.org helped power a golf fundraiser for a church building fund and raise $120,000. Another fundraiser to raise $4,500 for a child’s eye surgery. We have started three (3) $10,000 Matching Fundraiser Campaigns with a fourth $10,000 campaign starting soon. We recommend starting with a $250 Angel Donation.

10. How are you sure that the non-profits and causes are legitimate?

Several Ways. Our accredited CPA firm has helped us evaluate so far. We will also be looking for Charity Navigator and GuideStar scores that validate the Non-Profit. We will review the Secretary of State records for filings. 


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