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Free Crowd Funding to help Non-Profits and Causes raise 2-15 times more through Matching


Anyone can use our do-it-yourself fundraising platform.  It is quick, easy, and FREE! Just SIGNUP to get started. We look forward to helping you raise substantially more funds for your Cause. There are multiple ways to Donate and raise money for your Cause.

Three ways to give:

  1. Major Gift to The MatchingFund.org – The MatchingFund is a 501(c)3 charity to provide Grant Funds to kickstart a Fundraiser as a match for worthy Non-Profits and Causes . This is a great way to expand your donation outreach. Any cause applying for a Grant will be reviewed and approved by our CPAs prior to a Fundraiser beginning.

  2. Angel Donation to kickstart a matching fundraiser for a specific cause.  Donations of this kind will only be used for the specified Non-Profit or cause and are tax deductible. It is not required to start a fundraiser with an Angel donation, however we believe the fundraiser will have a higher degree of success. SIGNUP                                                                    
  3. Fundraiser Donation – a tax deductible donation to one of the on-line fundraisers happening on the MatchingFund website.  https://thematchingfund.org/fundraisers/

Angel Donations

Angel donations will be used as directed by the donor.

Angel donations are tax deductible and can be made with stock, check, credit card and cash.

Fundraiser Fees

The MatchingFund.org is FREE!. We charge no fee!  Other fundraising organizations charge a minimum of 5% or more. Being free gives the MatchingFund the ability to give 5%-8% more money to supported Non-profits and Causes. 

Tax Status and Accounting

Each Fundraiser has its own accounting.  Once a fundraiser ends The MatchingFund.org transfers the money to the Non-Profit or Cause.

501(c)(3) MatchingFund

The MatchingFund.org is a 501(c)(3) Charitable organization and all donations are Tax Deductible. Please discuss with your tax advisors.  Tax deductible Donations can be made directly to The MatchingFund.org.

Angel Donations made to the general pool or to a specific cause can sponsor fundraisers across multiple years and be claimed as a deduction for the year they were donated.

Donations through The MatchingFund.org are Tax deductible even if the receiving person, organization or group is not itself a tax exempt organization.  This applies when there is a need for a person, group or community.  For example; A Fundraiser was conducted for a child in critical need of eye surgery.  Through generous donors $4,500 was quickly raised to pay for the surgery and she is doing well.  All donations to this cause were tax deductible due to The MatchingFund.org’s IRS tax status.

Allocation and Distribution

All of the donations to a specific Non-Profit or cause will be distributed to the designated Non-Profit or cause.  The MatchingFund.org does not do approvals or reallocate funds after the fact.  Some large organizations accept donations for a specific charity and then disapprove the designated charity, probably for good reasons, and reallocate the monies to other causes.  The MatchingFund.org only accepts donations for pre-approved Non-Profit and Causes. We will never accept donations for a Non-Profit and then use the money donated for a different cause.

If it is determined that a cause should not receive the funds donated, the donors will be contacted to ascertain how the donated funds should be distributed. The options are: donate to a different fundraiser, donate to the Matching pool, or refund the donation.

The MatchingFund.org is looking for more Non-Profits and Causes to help raise funds for. To have a cause or Non-Profit listed, sign in via the Dashboard as a member (it’s free) and create a Fundraising campaign. To become an Angel Donor or if you have questions, please Contact Us.

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