Double the Donation for Blind Kids in Need of a Guide dog

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MIRA USA, Inc. is a non-profit corporation established to provide guide dogs for eligible blind children between the ages of 11 and 16, completely free of charge. MIRA is the first organization in the US that provides guide dogs to children under the age of 16. In addition, we provide ongoing seminars for families of blind children with reference to daily living skills, psychology of blindness, and what to emphasize in orientation and mobility training in preparation for a guide dog.

Witness a new beginning

While quality of life is undisputedly enhanced, the big difference lies in the reality that a cane cannot provide protection, unconditional love, companionship or comfort during bad days and difficult times.

As childhood and adolescence is filled with traditional and non-traditional trials, a guide dogs is also a true friend who can always be counted upon for support. Communities in which our youngsters live, the schools that they attend, the families of which these youngsters are a part, all find that these dogs provide a bridge to the sighted world that these young people did not have before.

Life is a difficult journey for blind children, one that those of us with sight cannot truly imagine, but it is a journey that is enhanced with the companionship and guardianship of a MIRA guide dog. The guide dog provides an elevated quality of life for the blind child and for that child’s contributions to the world which we all share.

Having guide dogs is a bridge to the sighted world for a child, enabling the child to participate in that world more fully, to develop potential and thus increase the benefits we all have as a result.

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