Help for Rivers Family Home Fire

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The Rivers Family needs our help. 81 years old Catherine Rivers, her granddaughter, Tamiko and great -grandson, Chanler of Hollywood, SC lost everything in a house fire. The fire started around 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 13, 2016. Chanler, who is 17 years old and about to begin his senior year in high school was at home with his great grandmother and was able to get her out safely (she uses a wheelchair). He quickly called the fire department after trying to put the fire out himself.  Although there was some damage to a portion of the house, everyone was grateful that no one was hurt and damage to the house, where Mrs. Rivers lived for almost 50 years, was repairable and all possessions inside the home were intact.


The fire department got there quickly and the fire was extinguished.

This was what the family found upon returning on Sunday morning. There was no call from the Fire Department. The family is completely traumatized as what they thought was just some damage to the roof turned out to be a major loss of property and memories. They are in need of assistance as they are now starting completely over. Please donate! Whatever you give will be appreciated and put to good use.


The family went home with other family members with thoughts of returning on Sunday morning to assess the damage. During the early morning hours, about 2:30 a.m., something went horribly wrong. The fire reignited and everything was lost. The house burned completely down

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