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Goal - Place a $5 Music Recorder in the hands of every 4th Grade Student (1250) throughout Moore County, NC

On the right are the donation/sponsor levels: Solo for $5.00 through Symphony Orchestra at $250.00. Please scroll down to select the amount or click Donate and select the level in the popup window. Thank You for your support!

Our story. Seven years ago, Maestro Wolff launched The Carolina Philharmonic with a singular goal: to create a Symphony Orchestra that would not simply embrace audiences of all ages, but reach out to our concert goers for support to bring music to children. Twenty-five children served in the first year grew to fifty the next, then 100, then 1,100. To date we've served over 10,000 children and continue to bring the joy of exceptional music through interactive musical experiences and curricula to thousands of local children every year. We're pushing the boundaries of the possible while exploring cutting edge trends in the field of Music Education.

4th grade students

Our current music education programs cost $50 per child on average and are part of the core curriculum of the Moore County Public School System and three private schools. The Carnegie Hall Link Up program enables us to place in the hands of 1250 4th grade children a Recorder on which they will learn, with discipline and practice, how to create beautiful melodies, gaining a sense of accomplishment while experiencing the joy of exceptional music.  While doing so, they will also be training both sides of their brains to communicate back and forth better, which research has documented leads to enhanced abilities to solve problems, plan, strategize, create and remember integrated facts.  At the end of the school year these students play their recorders from their seats with the full Symphony Orchestra in a special interactive program designed specifically for them, a life-changing experience they will remember the rest of their lives.

The Carolina Philharmonic serves several thousand children every year at a cost of over $175,000, yet we receive no state or governmental funding. What we do is made possible only through private donations from patrons like you. A Peripole Recorder sells for a little less than $5 each, the equivalent of the cost of a Latte. Won't you help us offer every 4th grade student in Moore County the opportunity to experience the joy of exceptional music?  Donations start at the $5 level, and every gift we receive is equally appreciated for the exceptional value that it provides to a child. We are a 501(c)3 and every donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law

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