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    Several years ago, due to statewide budget cuts in education, Moore County Schools lost their elementary school junior orchestra program.  The Carolina Philharmonic decided to re-launch the program with private funding from Philharmonic patrons.

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    Knowing how impactful learning to play an instrument is to the brain development of a child (learn more by clicking on the FAQ tab above), this year The Carolina Philharmonic, due to increasing student demand, decided to expand its program from 50 to 100 students and to offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes to children of every social, economic and cultural background across Moore County starting at age 8.orchestra class

    Find out by watching the video why the Carolina Philharmonic believes so strongly in Music Education, and how we reach more than 3,500 children every year through our donor supported music program.

    What we do is made possible only through private donations from patrons like you since we receive no state or governmental funding.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization and every donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
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    The first $10,000 donated will be matched dollar for dollar by the generous contribution of the following Angel Donors:

    First Bank

    Janie A. Gould

    Area Real Estate Partners, Inc.

    Please GIVE NOW by selecting one of the five Giving Levels to the right.  Every gift is most appreciated.

    For those who want to know more please read on by clicking the FAQ tab at the top of the page!

    orchestra class

    1. One of our favorite venues for the Junior Orchestra is the Aberdeen
      Boys and Girls Club where all students are given a full scholarship.
      Learning is rigorous and expectations run high!

    3. It cost $250 per student for the year long string instrument education program. Parents who are financially able are encouraged to voluntarily donate $50 toward the cost of the program.  They are also encouraged to donate their time and talents to help defray program costs.

    5. The Junior Orchestra has arranged to play at several civic events throughout the year to provide specific goals for student learning, culminating in an appearance with the full Symphony Orchestra at its Season Finale.

    7. It is a well know fact that music education makes better, smarter, more creative students; it turns them into lovers of learning.

    9. As Music Educator Anita Collins so aptly says, "Music education is not just for the talented, it is not a luxury, it is not an add-on, it is not a bonus, it is not a nice thing to do if we have some extra money - IT IS ESSENTIAL, because
      - It can raise the cognitive capacity of a child 20%
      - It can enable children to get past being uncomfortable with learning difficult tasks
      - It can enhance a child's memory function both now and in later years
      - It can successfully address a child's learning and behavioral disorders
      - It can enable children to better learn to plan, strategize, and pay attention to detail"

    11. David Michael Wolf, Principal Conductor and Artistic Director of the Carolina Philharmonic:
      "Music is essential, especially for children, and April Collins has a unique gift for communicating the joy of exceptional music with children and for bringing out their highest aspirations. It's a delight to see these young musicians' faces light up simultaneously with delight and fierce concentration when they perform. I'm convinced that what they learn through the Junior Orchestra translates into all other areas of learning. It's a gift that will stay with them for a lifetime."

    13. April Collins, Junior Orchestra Instructor:
      Music is a universal language that does not require translation. It is a powerful force that brings children, families and communities together from diverse backgrounds to create beauty. This beauty is not found solely in the music performed. I see the glimmer of anticipation reflected in the eyes of the students when the baton goes up in the air and they await my cue. I feel them hold their breath as we play the last note and listen to the moment of silence ending countless hours of rehearsal. I share their satisfaction when difficult pieces have been mastered. I see them excited to see their friends knowing that many musical relationships can span a lifetime. I, myself, have been privileged to enjoy the transition from student/teacher to student/colleague/friend!
      • Imagine 40 beginners with loud, squeaky instruments all learning to play together as one instrument, the orchestra.
      • Imagine the 2nd year students getting music that lasts more than 1 or 2 lines and learning how to play their part while the person beside them might be playing something totally different.
      • Imagine the advanced players sounding good enough to play for a friends wedding.
      • Imagine the teenage volunteer who shares their busy schedule with all of the above to help and encourage.
      • Imagine these kids a few years later sharing this gift with the next generation!

      As these students cultivate their musical gifts, we appreciate the gift you give with your contributions.

    orchestra class

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